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Edison Engineer chez GE

Alexis DUHEM - Edison Engineer chez GE

Alexis DUHEM
Alexis DUHEM

ESTIA promotion 2016,

Second diplôme : Master of Science (MSc) "Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering" de l'Université de Cranfield

I joined the 2016 class at ESTIA Institute of Technology after a two-years preparatory class in physics and chemistry. There I underwent training in mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as computer science, through a generalist and multidisciplinary approach to engineering. I then specialized in mechanical engineering and computational science through the MSc Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering, option CAE at Cranfield University (the UK). As a student, I took part in various projects and since I am passionate about aerospace, I undertook to participate in the student aerospace challenge, which was a great way of getting involved in the school life at ESTIA.

My second and third year internships both were in aerospace, the final one having dealt with the structural and aerodynamic parametric optimization of turbofan fan blades shapes at Safran Aircraft Engines. These internships in addition to the training I got at ESTIA and Cranfield allowed me furthering and gaining skills, mainly in mechanical engineering and computational science.

After my internship at Safran, I decided to keep working on the design of turbomachinery and rotating machines. Therefore, I joined the Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) at General Electric (GE). Through this graduate program, I am now working on turbomachinery (gas turbines and steam turbines), as well as on generators design, customization and upkeep. My current role involves structural, aerodynamic, aerothermal, thermal and electromagnetic analyses on GE products.

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