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Higher education establishment, authorised to award Engineering Diplomas and member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

Become an Estia engineer

ESTIA prepares future engineers to have a good command of IT and telecommunications networks, mechanics, energy and electronics, so they are operational in a wide variety of sectors: aeronautics, car industry, electronics, food industry, appliances, IT, etc.

The engineering diploma is a national diploma, subject to approval by the French Commission for Engineering Degrees, which certifies the quality of this qualification. In most cases, they are awarded 5 years after the baccalaureate. We have a selective admissions procedure: competitive exam, interview, application.

At ESTIA students are recruited with 2 to 3 years of higher education in science or technology.

The engineering diploma is equivalent to the European “Master’s Degree”.

A sound industrial background

ESTIA engineers receive scientific, technological and social training combined with a sound industrial background preparing them for three types of positions:


  • Digital design & innovation: mechanics, electronics, IT
  • Electronics, automation, embedded systems: image processing, mobile robots, renewable energies
  • Industrial management & organisation: industrialisation, global logistics, performance management



in a world 

without borders

Our educational approach consists of alternating theory and hands-on experience on a trilingual course which prepares ESTIA engineers to fully exercise their responsibilities in a world without borders:


  • certain subjects are taught in French





What ESTIA alumni say

ESTIA alumni talk about their engineering courses: Discover some of our success stories ...


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07.12.2018 14:44

Journée PORTES OUVERTES à l'ESTIA le Samedi 26 Janvier 2019 !

Vous êtes

en Terminale S, STI2D, STL,

en Classe Préparatoire, DUT, BTS, L2, L3


Cat : Manifestation, Formation
30.11.2018 11:22

2 soutenances publiques de thèse les 3 et 13 décembre 2018

Lundi 3 décembre à 10h, M. Gilberto FONTECHA DULCEY, doctorat en mécanique

Jeudi 13 décembre à 10h, M. Santiago MONTAGUD PEREZ DE LIS, doctorat en mécanique


Cat : Manifestation, Recherche
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