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Higher education establishment, authorised to award Engineering Diplomas and member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

Estia Entreprendre Incubator – Nursery

ESTIA-Entreprendre is the department of Estia Engineering school dedicated to supporting the creation of new technology based companies and start-ups.

ESTIA-Entreprendre is a business incubator and business service centre: Estia-Entreprendre manages an incubator devoted to technology based activities, a BIC (Business Innovation Centre) and a business hotel for innovative technology companies.

Estia-Entreprendre, member of EBN (European Business Network)  is one of the main components of Izarbel Science Park and is committed to the new ESA BIC Southern France, member of the European Space Agency BIC network.

Since 1999, it has contributed to the creation of 121 companies and over 800 jobs.

Estia-Entreprendre provides all the resources, as well as assistance necessary for the optimal development of young companies in new technology-based businesses.

Its strength comes from its deep integration in the Technological Campus, which helps direct access to major equipment and software resources, from the platforms and research laboratories:

Main  activities: software, computer science, robotics, embedded systems, energy, aeronautics, geolocation and navigation.

Environment: more than 120 companies in the Technology Park, office spaces with optional premium services, conference rooms, office equipment, videoconference, high speed internet access, data centre, specialized software and kit development software, machine-tools, industrial robots, 3D printing, etc.

Label and awards: BIC, ISO 9011, NF Services 




Actualité :

17.10.2017 11:07

Signing of an agreement between ESTIA and the University Jiangsu (China)

Signature d'un accord entre ESTIA et l'Université Jiangsu (Chine)


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04.10.2017 17:55

L'ESTIA au Salon Studyrama Grandes Ecoles de Biarritz le 14 Octobre

Elèves de terminale S, STI2D, STL,

de classe préparatoire, DUT, BTS, L2, L3


Venez à notre rencontre de 9h30 à 17h au Casino Municipal

Cat : Manifestation, Formation
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