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19.12.2016 15:16 Il y a : 2 yrs

The 24h of innovation 2016 : and the winner is...

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Once again, the success of the 24h of innovation is obvious.

On december 16th and 17th in ESTIA was the 10th season of the 24h of innovation. This event was born in ESTIA, and is getting bigger every year. This year again, over 200 students worked on project submitted by companies in ESTIA, and over 15 teams in foreign countries (UK, la Réunion, Italy, Tunisia). 30 companies showed up to present their problems so that the students from different background could work together in 24 hours. At the same time was the stand up of innovation on "the ocean and sustainable development" with 5 different speakers. Then the ambassador of the 24h of innovation 2016, Joel de Rosnay, gave a conference


At the same time, a group of 30 kids, the 24h of innovation kids club, came to ESTIA to experiment different innovative workshop for kids.

The first award of the 24h of innovation went to "l'équipe en vrac", they won a trophy and a hoverboard. They worked on a project submitted by "la juste dose": Buy in bulk, low prices and less packaging, great ! However this offer is not really implemented, the major brake, the actual bulk silo is expensive and not so usable for store. Which alternatives could let shops easily distribute products in bulk by designing a specific supplier packing ready to put on shelves?

Congratulation to the participants, the winners, the organization committee, the companies, etc... for making this event possible !



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12.10.2018 14:38

L'ESTIA sera présente sur les salons étudiants

Et aussi, le Samedi 26 Janvier 2019 de 9 H à 13 H, l'ESTIA ouvrira ses portes : un moment dédié à la visite de l'école et de son environnement mais également à l'échange avec les étudiants et les enseignants présents.

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10.10.2018 11:56

Jeudi 08 novembre 17h30, Le capital immatériel : la force cachée de l’entreprise

Conférence débat sur une approche qui impacte les relations en entreprise

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