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Higher education establishment, authorised to award Engineering Diplomas and member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

Research at Estia

Estia-Research is based on a partnership with the University of Bordeaux 1, UPPA (University of Pau & the Adour Region) and to a lesser extent Arts & Métiers Paritech. Estia-Research contributes to the development of research in  Aquitaine and benefits from its location serving as a point of contact for cross-border co-operation between the Universities of Aquitaine and of the Basque Autonomous Region, Navarre and Aragon. Estia-Research aims to create a strong alliance with laboratories of excellence at these universities, taking advantage of the implementation of the Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre Euroregion.

ESTIA lecturers and researchers carry out their research in Engineering Science (mechanics, electronics, automation, IT, robotics) and Human & Social Science (management, ergonomics, creativity, uses, skills). They are supported by associate researchers: professors from Paris-Descartes who co-founded the PEPSS platform, professors teaching preparatory classes, ex-colleagues and ex-PhD students, ie. a total of 65 people, almost 50 researchers and around 15 PhD students on 31/12/2013.

Estia-Research is a multi-disciplinary platform, located on the ESTIA campus, and is part of a network with the region’s major laboratories in the fields of Engineering and Management Science, taking full advantage of its interactions with the business nursery Estia-Entreprendre.

Research carried out at Estia is essentially multi-disciplinary since projects generally associate several different fields. In order to ensure transparency, research activities can be distinguished according to 5 main areas:



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22.03.2018 14:50

Au-revoir Jean Michel Larrasquet

Conseiller scientifique auprès de l’Estia et Créateur des Journées de Projectique à l'Estia, JM Larrasquet nous a quittés

Cat : Recherche, Formation, Entreprises
20.03.2018 17:28

Appel à candidature - Projet ADDISPACE

Phase de viabilité : Adoption des technologies de Fabrication Additive Métallique dans vos processus

Cat : Entreprises, Recherche
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