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Higher education establishment, authorised to award Engineering Diplomas and member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

Industrial study & development projects

Industrial projects

These are study and development projects, carried out within the school and based on the needs of ESTIA or industry, aimed at helping students to apply theoretical knowledge learnt. Aspects concerning "methods", "costs", and techniques are necessarily dealt with. They benefit from the support of specialists.

The project enables students to:

  • assimilate knowledge learnt in science, technologies and methods
  • be directly involved in aspects linked to carrying out a project, as well as in terms of initiative and team spirit, organisation, budget, supplies, etc.
  • work with industrialists and outside experts
  • create prototypes (hardware or software)


Each project is subject to mentoring by an ESTIA engineer or lecturer.


Actualité :

29.10.2019 14:44

Conférence-débat sur le Capital Immatériel des entreprises

Le Jeudi 07 novembre, on y parlera d’accompagnement au changement, d’intégration de l’humain dans le management et de gestion de projet.

Cat : Manifestation, Formation, Entreprises
02.09.2019 15:17

Rentrée 2019

Ce lundi 2 Septembre 2019 marque un grand moment pour plusieurs de nos élèves…

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