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Higher education establishment, authorised to award Engineering Diplomas and member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

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Engineering Degree

The total duration of internships is at least 10 months, spread over the course’s 3 years. One is carried out abroad. Students from abroad may do internships in their country of origin.

  • "Technician" internship, in the 1st year, at least 2 months (February – March)**:

This compulsory internship enables students to consolidate their knowledge of industry’s stakes and practices. It also helps define the student’s career aims. The subject of the internship must be validated by the head of studies so as to ensure the required level is met. 

  • 2nd year internship, at least 3 months (May – July)** :

At this stage of the course, students have the scientific and technical basis required to be an engineer. The aim of this internship is to implement knowledge acquired with an industrial application with measurable consequences, and to put students in real life situations where they will be able to illustrate knowledge acquired at the school through its application to industrial cases.

  •  End of course assignment, lasting at least 5 months (March – July), in the 3rd year**:

The objective is to successfully carry out a project related to the speciality chosen as part of the 3rd year option, in accordance with the company’s strategy, and required for its business plan. For student engineers, this involves providing a company their services and those of the school to solve a real problem, through a study sold to the host company.

The formalism and requirements imposed by partner industrialists guarantee the student works on a strategic project, requiring concrete results. In over half of all cases, students are offered a position in the host company.

  • For all 3 years, company internships are subject to a technical and methodological follow up by the school

On their return to the school, students present their assignment in front of an examining board made up of both teaching staff and industrialists.


**In France internships lasting more than two months are subject to compulsory monthly pay.


Actualité :

10.07.2017 15:40

Lectra, l’ESTIA, la Fondation Today Tomorrow Textiles et JPS Conseil créent la Chaire « Biarritz Active Lifestyle Integral »

Dédiée aux matières du futur innovantes et durables, la Chaire aidera les acteurs du textile et de l’habillement à devenir moteurs des disruptions à venir

04.07.2017 11:36

Compositadour est désormais actif sur Linkedin !

Pour être informé des dernières innovations en matériaux composites, robotiques et fabrication additive, suivez la page Linkedin de Compositadour

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