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TEMPUS Master Project: Energy/Power & Networking and Communications

TEMPUS Master Project: Energy/Power & Networking and Communications



  • University of Salford (lead the project), UK
  • Birzeit University, Palestine
  • Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine
  • Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, Palestine
  • Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies, Palestine
  • Jerusalem District Electricity Company, Palestine
  • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • University of Ruse Angel Kanchev, Bulgaria
  • Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées, France


This Project aims to enhance the capacity of three Palestinian Universities by developing a sustainable joint MSc programme in electrical engineering (JMEE) focused on energy/power & networking and communications and provide necessary facilities to be utilized by MSc students during their studies and thesis implementation.

JMEE will adopt a 2 year MSc style following the Bologna model. The MSc will constitute three taught semesters and a thesis and eventually will acquire ECTS accreditation and recognition assisting the Palestinian system to gradually become more compatible with the European system of higher Education.

Academic staff at ESTIA - through their reputable research and teaching experience -  will strongly contribute to the project outcomes in terms of:

  • 1- lead WP5 : Quality Control and Monitoring
  • 2- elaboration on programme specification and its technical requirements
  • 3- elaboration on staff training courses and their technical requirements
  • 4- outlining and evaluation of relevant modules in their area of expertise 
  • 5- Palestinian staff training and evaluation
  • 6- delivery of relevant modules in their area of expertise and supervision of graduate level projects
  • 7- sharing research experience and the possibility of supervising Palestinian staff to PhD level




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18.05.2018 12:39

COMPOSITADOUR, plateforme de Recherche et Développement de l'Estia, recrute

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26.04.2018 14:42

Recrutement en cours à l'ESTIA !

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