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Keywords: Computer Science, Interaction, Research, Technology, Higher Education, Engineering School.

Skills: Computer Human Interaction, Tangible Interaction, Whole Body Interaction, Affective Computing, Augmented Reality

About Tangible Interaction


Nadine Couture is Professor in Computer Science at ESTIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. She obtained a PhD in enumerative combinatorics in 1994 and the Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (Tenure) in Human-Computer Interaction in 2010. She teaches the fundamentals of computer science to engineering students, algorithms, web technologies, programming languages, mobile systems, Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction for Aeronautics. Her research is conducted at ESTIA-Recherche, the research lab of ESTIA, of which she is Director. Since 2001, she has been interested in Tangible Interaction, from the physical embodiment of data to interaction with the whole body. In 2014, she initiated the European Tangible Interaction Studios (ETIS) and has been a member of the steering committee since then. In 2010, she co-founded PEPSS platform about Human Factors for Interactive Technology. Nadine Couture develops research-enterprise links and as such she is involved in the eDIA ecosystem of Excellence, data economy and artificial intelligence, of the Aerospace-Valley Competitiveness Cluster and vice-president of CATIE, the Aquitaine Centre for Information Technologies and Electronics. 

Formers Students: 

Nawel Takouachet (Post-Doc, 2011-2012) | Youssef Ridene (PhD, 2011) | Alexis Clay (PhD, 2009) | Guillaume Rivière (PhD, 2009) | Patrick Reuter (Post-Doc, 2005) | Fabrice Depaulis (Post-Doc, 2004) | Ludovic Garreau (PhD, 2005) | Fabien Legrand (PhD, 2004).

Habilitée à Diriger des Recherches

Activités actuelles

Since 09/2020, Member of the ELISA Aerospace Scientific Council

Since 09/2020, Member of the "Interaction with the Human" college of the French Association for Artificial Intelligence (AfIA).

Since 05/2020, Member of the Strategic Committee of the ESTIA-CentraleSupelec FLEXTECH Chair.

Since 09/2017, Vice-president of CATIE (Centre Aquitain des Technologies de l'Information et Electroniques - Aquitain Center for Information and Electronic Technologies), 2 mandates.

Since 05/2017, Director of ESTIA-Recherche (ESTIA-Research)

Since 2017, Animator of the DAS (Strategic Technology Activities Domain) IHS (Human System Interaction) of Aerospace Valley

Since 2013, Animator of Scientific Program “Human System Interaction and Augmented Reality” of the Scientific Interest Group Albatros (ALliance Bordeaux universities And Thales Research in AviOnicS).

Since 2012, Professor ESTIA (64)


Un module d'apprentissage pour les Architectures Clients-Serveur (2004) [e-learning] :

Teaching Spatial Augmented Reality: a Practical Assignment for Large Audiences
Brett Ridel, Patrick Reuter, Nadine Couture

Voir l'article complet

Activités passées

2013-2016, Member of the AFIHM Board of Directors (French Association on Human Computer Interaction), 2 mandates

2010, Co-fondatrice de la plateforme PEPSS

2008-2020, Researcher at LaBRI, Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique, UMR CNRS 5800.

2007-2017, Head of ESTIA-Recherche Department.

2001-2007, In charge deputy of ESTIA-Recherche.

1999-2012, Associated Professor in ESTIA (64).

1998-1999, Engineer in CRT ILS (Innovation Logiciel Systèmes) (64)./p>

1995-1997, Internet project leader (CDI, Cadre Supérieur), S.A. ICARE, Mérignac (33)

1994-1995, Assistant Professor at the Mathematics and Computer science U.F.R. of Bordeaux University

1992-1994, Monitor of higher education at University Bordeaux 1(33)

1991-1994, Recipient of the Funding of Research and Technology Ministry at LaBRI, UA CNRS 1304, now UMR 5800. 


Les publications de Nadine COUTURE

Some demonstrators and Use Case



Tangible interaction for archaeology.| video Eurographics VAST'07 | ACM VRST'08 | ANR SeARCH Project 2009-2012 | JMUI 2010 | JOCCH 2010 | ERCIM News 86 : 12-13, 2011 | TVCJ 2012 | SeARCH Project - INRIA Press



Affective Computing: Emotion recognition in interactive systems. | video Ethiopiques'09, in 3'35'' | IEEE ACII'09 | ACM AFFINE'09 | ArtsAndTechno'10 | video Ethiopiques'10 in 1' and in 5' | ANR CARE Project 2007-2010 | video: An experimental show to staging research results of the ANR-CARE project, 30' | NIME'12 | ISMAR'12 | More videos …

TableTopThe TribalTableTop

The hardware design of a new marketing tool, the Tribal Tabletop, based on tabletop in a sales situation.| video Tabletop'08 | IEEE TABLETOP'08 |

The TribalTableTop

A tabletop-based collaborative environment to enhance direct interactions between designers.| TMCE'10 |


A tangible user interface for geosciences. | video TEI'08 | IJIDEM'08 | ACM TEI'08 | SEG Research Collection 2009 |

eskuaThe TUI: ESKUA

A Tangible User Interface for CADs parts assembly. | clip video'2004 | video IHM'2005 | video L. Garreau PhD'2005 | PI'03 | SPIE EI'04 | IEEE VC'05 | SPIE EI'05 | RIIN 2005 | IJIDEM 2008 |

Video, 6', about works in the field of Mixed Reality conducted in ESTIA-RECHERCHE (2010, June)

Video, TEDx Basque Country, "Tangible Interaction for calm technonology" (Biarritz, 2010)

La chaîne youtube de Nadine COUTURE

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