Fahad Ali Sarwar

Fahad Ali Sarwar

PhD Student working on a CIFRE thesis along with the startup H2Gremm.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Fahad Ali SARWAR, and I am currently doing a CIFRE thesis along with the startup H2Gremm that is working on providing self-autonomy to residential buildings based on renewable energy. I am passionate about multiplicity of things including electronics, programming, and sports.

What is your career so far?

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, along with that I did a double degree masters in sustainable buildings and smart grids. Currently I am employed as a research and development engineer with H2Gremm along with working on my CIFRE thesis. My work includes development of control and energy management system for small microgrids.

What is your PhD project about?

My thesis work is related to development of “Energy Management System” for a microgrid based on hydrogen and solar technologies. The goal is to reach higher levels of self-consumption in our microgrid.

How can you describe the researching process?

Currently, I am doing the analysis of the state of the art related to existing systems in similar domain. The work is both challenging and rewarding. It requires patience, determination and extreme focus.

What can a PhD project bring to you?

This PhD will give me exposure to the most recent developments in my domain along with providing me opportunity to work on such developments myself.

Do you have any advice for a young student who wants to do a PhD project?

Doing a PhD takes a lot of belief in oneself. It requires a lot of will power and determination. On the other side, doing a PhD is a great learning experience. It gives you deep understanding of research methodologies, makes you up to date with the most recent advancements in your field. Along with this, PhD gives you opportunity to meet people with the same interests and you can share your learnings and experiences with them and vice versa.