Solja Ryhänen

Solja Ryhänen

International Coordinator

  • Tell us a bit more about your country ?

Finland is known for its good quality education, clean nature and safety. The local language is Finnish, but most people speak English. Finland has been voted for the happiest country in the world for many years in a row which tells that the everyday life functions smoothly here.

  • why studiants would choose to come in Erasmus to Finland ?

Our university, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, offers courses in English in Mechanical Engineering, IT (Internet of Things) and Business. The studying environment is relaxed. There are many international students on campus, so you surely bump into other French students as well.

  • What’s attractive ? landscape ? weather ? people ? architecture ?

Kuopio city is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests, so it is a great place for many outdoor sports activities. The city has some 100 000 inhabitants and two universities, so there are many students in town. In Kuopio you can experience a true winter wonderland with loads of snow and even -20 degrees in January and February. People are a bit reserved, but trustworthy. Many like heavy metal

  • How does the University work ? timetable for example : only morning, all day ?

The semesters run from September to December and January to April. Typical classes start at 8 or 10 oclock and finish by 16.00. Exchange students have even more relaxed schedules, so you might have 1-4 courses per day. 

  • When is it better to come over to Finland ? 1st term or 2nd term (when is the night longer ?)

If you want to experience the exotic winter season it is best to arrive for the 2nd term. 1st semester is nice with beautiful autumn colors and milder temperatures. The darkest time is between December to January.

  • Are we going to welcome some Finnish studiants at ESTIA ?

At the moment there are two ESTIA students studying at Savonia. Savonia will send its first Master's students for a 1-week  intensive course next autumn to ESTIA.